Top Tips for Booking Event Entertainment (Event Entertainment in Camden)


If you are planning an event in Camden, whether it be a large corporate gig, or a smaller function, you’re going to need some entertainment to keep your guests engaged. Of course, planning an event is arguably stressful enough as it is without the added pressure of having to find the most suitable event entertainment which will go down a treat. In any case, it is unavoidable and something that you must approach with careful consideration. 

To help you settle on the ideal act, we’re going to share a few top tips for when booking event entertainment.  

1 – Match the Entertainment to the Event  

Before even starting your search, first you need to think about what you want from your entertainment. Yes, you want your guests to be entertained, but you must consider the type of guest who will be attending. What sort of entertainment is going to have the biggest impact on them?  

Would a stand-up comedian suit the theme of the event and the demographic attending? Or would it perhaps be better to add a more sophisticated touch with a burlesque act?  

Plan carefully and make sure that you match both the event and the entertainment up appropriately and you shouldn’t run into any issues.  

2 – Event Bands are Much Better than You Remember  

We’ve all seen how terrible event bands tend to be in the movies, but credit where credit is due: there are some phenomenal musicians in the event band circuit at the moment. It’s a competitive industry which attracts some brilliant acts; some with original material, others which popular covers (which is always a safe bet). If you are struggling for event entertainment ideas in Camden, then you’ll be pleased to learn that there are some brilliant bands available in the region!  

3 – Communication is Key  

Be mindful when booking an entertainment act. It might be worth hiring through someone like Bold Events hire company in Camden to be on the safe side and ensuring reliability. Communicate thoroughly and make sure that everyone is completely aware of their responsibilities, what is required of them, and when.  

4 – Save Money by Booking Early, Locally, and Small  

If you don’t have a huge budget to play with but you still need some decent entertainment at your event, then the best thing to do is book as early as possible. This will give you the pick of the best acts, whilst guaranteeing “this year’s rates”.  

Additionally, you should book local talent. This will bring expenses down as you won’t need to factor travel into the equation.  

And of course, booking small is another great money saving tip. If you can’t afford to go overboard, then don’t. Pick a relatively small act that grabs your attention and book them up as early as you can.  

5 – Stay Calm  

Easier said than done, but you shouldn’t stress over things which haven’t happened yet. Just take your time, make sure that you’ve accounted for everything, and hope for the best! With enough notice you shouldn’t struggle finding decent event entertainment in Camden 

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