How much do fiberglass water tanks cost?


If you are in the market for a water tank, then at this stage you are likely feeling overwhelmed and a little lost as to which way to turn. Between the multitude of different materials (each with their own pros and cons), the various sizes, and a number of other important factors to consider, deciding on the perfect water tank for you can be difficult.

In any case, if you are sold on the idea of having a fibreglass water tank, then you’ll want to know how much it is going to set you back.

First of all, we’re going to take a look at the various factors that will keep the price up, and then the other factors which can help to keep the price down. That way, you can start to paint a picture in your head as the style and quality that you can afford.

Following that, we will list a few standard sizes for fibreglass water tanks and the associated approximate costs. Please note that any figures shared in this article are speculative. We have endeavoured to be as accurate as possible. That said, you need to be aware of the factors involved and ultimately, you won’t know exactly how much you will need to spend until you start collecting quotes. Either way, this article should serve as a rough guide to get you started.

Factors that will keep the cost of a fibreglass water tank up

Ultimately, these factors are reliability indicators. This means that if you want the best value for your money and don’t mind spending a little bit more, then these are the advantages that you should keep an eye out for:

1 – Quality

Quality products will always have a higher price tag due to the manufacturer in questions’ dedication to consistency and keeping their customers happy. The value that is derived from quality extends to performance, longevity, and not needing to constantly make costly repairs.

2 – Brand

It’s not uncommon for poor quality goods to mimic the signals of higher quality products. For example, there are certain companies that will happily claim high quality just so that they can justify charging a higher price tag, despite failing to deliver said quality. This is where a quality brand comes in.

Purchasing a fibreglass water tank through a reputable and established brand-name may end up costing you more, but typically this is based on well-founded reasoning. If you trust them and they have a reputation to back it up, then it is usually a good sign.


3 – Warranty

Longer warranty is always a good sign of higher quality products and greater accountability. If you get the assurance of a longer warranty added into the final price, then you will be able to relax knowing that you have likely purchased a superior product. Cheaper brands without warranty tend to want to get rid of their products as soon as possible in order to avoid accountability.


4 – Certification & Accreditation

Purchasing certified products means that they have gone through better processes and meet the required standards of quality and safety practices.

Factors that will keep the cost of a fibreglass water tank down

1 – Shorter lead times

If quality is your biggest priority, then a shorter lead time will certainly be an advantage. Longer lead times on the other hand, typically translate to high costs for the company, which will result in them pricing their products higher to recuperate that fact. That said, sorter lead-times are much more streamlined and will allow the company to create cost-effective products for their customers to enjoy.

2 – Lesser quality materials

Poor quality materials tend to mean that the product will not have the appropriate certification due to a sub-standard product. You can certainly find a cheap water tank this way, but with the constant repairs and eventual need for replacement, it is almost always better to opt for the higher price-tag and to save yourself the trouble.

It is understandable wanting to save as much money as possible, but just be mindful when compromising on quality.

3 – Less industry experience

With experience comes a deeper knowledge and understanding of a product or industry. If you choose a company with less experience, then there is a good chance that you will be opting for substandard practices. This means a lower quality tank sold at a lower price.

Sure, less years in the industry doesn’t automatically mean they will have a lesser quality product. In any case, it is something that you should be aware of before rushing in with a business.


·      How much does a 5,000 litre fibreglass water tank cost?

The average price in Australia for a 5,000 litre fibreglass water tank is around $1,400.

·      How much does a 10,000 litre fibreglass water tank cost?

The average price in Australia for a 10,000 litre fibreglass water tank is around $2,200.

·      How much does a 22,000 litre fibreglass water tank cost?

The average price in Australia for a 22,000 litre fibreglass water tank is around $3,200

·      How much does a 100,000 litre fibreglass water tank cost?

The average price in Australia for a 100,000 litre fibreglass water tank is around $22,000.



Please note that these are merely estimations. Whilst they are relatively accurate, there are so many different factors involved. If you want to get an accurate quote, the best approach will be to short-list a number of manufacturers that you are interested in and then start getting some figures direct from the source.

There are many well-established companies in Australia that deal in water tanks, though for a quality fibreglass tank, we recommend a reputable company to start your search.

In any case, we wish you the very best of luck. Be sure to do plenty of research, take your time, and you shouldn’t run into any problems along the way!

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