Four Reasons You Should Consider Hiring Event Staff Through an Agency 

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Hiring temporary staff for an event is one of the most stressful aspects of planning one, mainly because it represents the biggest random factor you are likely to encounter.  Temporary staff have little reason to show loyalty outside of general professionalism and can easily leave you in the lurch for a variety of reasons and this can put your event in serious jeopardy. This is where using a staffing agency is a solid investment as they can help you alleviate a lot of this stress and randomness you would otherwise have to deal with yourself.  That being said, here are the top four reasons why you should seriously consider using an agency for your next event.


You may pay more for the individual staff hired through a staffing agency than you would if hired temporary staff yourself, but just because the hourly rates might be slightly higher, there are savings to be made.  Pre-employment checks, security checks, interviewing time and costs, advertising expenses and running payroll are just a few of the many hidden costs of hiring staff yourself.  All of these are negated when using a staffing agency as they handle all of this for you.



When you use a staffing agency, you should be guaranteed highly trained and professional staff who have the experience and expertise to perform the role you need them to.  This will reduce the risk of any mishaps from employees that are not used to working in such an environment and as such portray your event as a professional and well-organised affair.


Perhaps the biggest worry when hiring temporary staff is if they are going to show up.  This sounds harsh, and it honestly only refers to a very small percentage of the fixed term workforce, but it is a significant enough number to be a genuine concern.  Given the temporary nature of the contracts, fixed-term staff often feel as though they have nothing to lose and if a better offer comes along or they just don’t feel like going to work that day, they may decide not to bother and worse, not inform you.  Again, this is a sweeping statement covering only a few bad apples, but if it happens to you then it can cripple your event before it even gets started.


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One of the biggest expenses of having temporary staff is the amount of training you are required to provide them with, both for their safety and the safety of your event and attendees.  This is time and money that you are required to invest if the staff members are on your payroll.  If you allow a staffing agency to handle your temporary staffing needs, they will make sure that they only provide staff that have received the relevant training, leaving you free to provide an orientation session and then get on with your event.

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