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Wedding Catering Ideas for the Ultimate Celebratory Feast

Wedding reception outside in the backyard. Bride and groom with a family standing around the table. Aerial view.

Getting married is an important event, one that will hopefully be the happiest and most memorable day of your entire life. It is an occasion which should be marked with some glorious food! A feast fit for a King and a Queen. A delightful meal that friends and family can enjoy together, with laughter, and plenty of “Mmmmm, my god that’s delicious.” As such, we’re going to share some ideas with you, so that you can gain some inspiration on what direction to take your wedding catering.

1 – Go for the festival style

This really depends on the type of wedding that you’re having, and at what time of year. However, if you’re having a summer wedding and you’ve got a decent venue with a beautiful outdoor area, then you should definitely try the festival style feast which is trending. What you can do is invest in a few different food vans, where people can buy a selection of BBQ foods, falafels, burgers and so much more.

2 – Social sharing

Another awesome idea for wedding catering is introducing sociable foods which encourage your guests to interact. For example, you could have plenty of sharing dishes in the middle of each table, so that guests have to serve themselves and have a great chat and laugh whilst they’re at it. Mexican food such as Fajitas, or various eastern sharing dishes will go down an absolute treat!

3 – Everybody loves brunch!

Why wait until dinner before feeding your guests? Some people are now opting for earlier eating, such as brunch, which is arguably the best meal of the day. You get to have breakfast, for a delicious lunch meal. Eggs, sausages, bacon, plenty of fresh fruit, and all the other goodies which will provide plenty of sustenance for this evening’s festivities. Then, later on, you can offer some simple snacks like kebabs or cheesy chips! That, and it’s a much cheaper alternative to having a 3-course sit down meal. It all really comes down to what sort of budget you’re working with.

4 – DIY food stations

Rather than having a sit-down meal, why don’t you set up some DIY food stations? That way, your guests will be up off their feet, meeting new people and enjoying themselves. It’s a much more fun and interactive way of feeding your guests, and you can save a fair amount of money this way as well.

5 – Hire the professionals

Not sure what to do? Then perhaps you should consider hiring a 2 hat wedding catering service. You can’t go wrong when hiring the professionals to cater for you and your guests. It makes your life much easier knowing that it’s all in hand, as they will have plenty of great ideas, having had so much experience in the field. Find yourself a reputable catering company like Dining Abode, and when asked what their favourite part of the wedding was, your guests will almost certainly say “the food!”


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