Staying cool with a mobile fridge in your 4X4 


It might sound like a strange idea, but it is very possible to get a fridge installed in your car from companies.  There are lots of people that might question why you could possibly need a fridge in your car, but there are some very legitimate reasons for having one.  If nothing else family picnics will be significantly improved as will camping trips.  Why would a fridge help in these cases when a cool box has been used for decades?  Let’s explore that a little bit.

refrigerationInsulation or Refrigeration

In case you’re not sure, a fridge works by using a refrigerant fluid to absorb and draw heat out of the sealed fridge area.  This means that the contents of the fridge are actively being cooled and the temperature should remain constant so long as the fridge has power.  The more traditional way of keeping things cool in a car is a cold box.  These work by having an ice pack inside and this radiates out into the box, cooling the air inside.  The box itself does nothing to actively cool its contents, instead, it is very well insulated and this isolates the contents of the box from the outside.  Because the ice pack is sealed inside along with the rest of the contents, it keeps things cool.  The problem here is that it also generates moisture and this gets the contents of the box wet, especially as time passes and the ice pack gradually thaws.  All of this means that the fridge will always provide a better result but the cold box is more portable, but if you were to have your fridge fitted to a slide, this would enable you to get it in and out of the vehicle fairly easily whilst also keeping it running.  Fridge slides are incredibly clever in their design and allow you to have easy access to your fridge with the minimum of effort.  If you want to know more you can learn more buy a 4X4 fridge slide online from a number of retailers.

Power Source

Whilst you can get fridges that plug into the 12v supply in your car, there are also options that are connected to the car in a more permanent way.  Obviously, they are drawing power from the car and most fridges tend to draw between 2A and 4A of power.  A car battery has around 33 amp-hours of charge in it so your fridge will run for a long time even with the engine off, but, as you can imagine, it will not run indefinitely.  Most quality modern fridges will have a battery monitor installed that will keep an eye on the charge level of the car battery and if it drops below a predetermined threshold it will shut the fridge off.  This means that whilst your contents may not be being actively cooled, you will be able to drive away and the fridge will retain the coolness it has for quite a while.

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