What is there to do in Port Douglas for free? Is it worth visiting? Is it too hot in summer? Do you need to worry about crocodiles?


Port Douglas is one of the best possible destinations for a holiday with so many things to do and see. Whether you enjoy the beach or the rainforest and hiking or relaxing, there is something for everyone here and without breaking the bank. Here we will look at some of the best things to do in Port Douglas and a few tips for dealing with the weather and potentially dangerous wildlife too.

What is there to do in Port Douglas for free?

From sunbathing and swimming to hiking and taking in the view there is plenty to do in Port Douglas for free, and a great deal to do involving very little money. Check out some of our favourite ways to spend some time and start planning your very own Port Douglas holiday on a budget.

  • Relax on Four Mile Beach – whether you prefer to swim and splash about or sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery, Port Douglas’s Four Mile Beach is an exquisite stretch of sand perfect for unwinding and cooling off after a walk in the rainforest.
  • Visit Daintree Rainforest – there is no fee as such to visit this world heritage site, though there are plenty of tours, hikes, and trips you can join if you want to. A wonderful contrast to all of the water-based activities, the Daintree Rainforest boasts all kinds of flora and fauna for every nature lover to enjoy.
  • Stroll around the local markets – who doesn’t enjoy checking out a few stalls and browsing while taking in the ambience of the place?
  • Hike one of the local trails – walking along and enjoying nature, watching the sunrise and set, and taking in both the water and the rainforest are all wonderful ways to enjoy Port Douglas without spending a thing.

With all these and many more options if you are looking for a fantastic holiday destination that doesn’t require loads of further expenses give Port Douglas a try.


Is Port Douglas worth visiting?

The biggest draw for the area is of course the Great Barrier Reef. While you can’t go right up and see it without paying something, there are many different ways to get a glimpse of this famous and incredible sight to suit all budgets. Bigger than the Great Wall of China and possibly the most amazing natural sight you will ever see, it is worth paying out to tick this off your bucket list and leave with lasting memories.

Another great way to spend some time taking one of the Cairns to Port Douglas transfers. That way if you prefer you can base yourself in the busier and thriving city of Cairns complete with lively evenings, culture, and music, and take a cheap and handy shuttle to and from Port Douglas. Likewise, if you prefer the quiet and relaxed atmosphere in Port Douglas but find you would quite like to do some shopping or anything else that is better in Cairns you can take the transfer that way.

Is Port Douglas too hot in summer?

The temperature in Port Douglas does vary slightly depending on the time of year you visit and it can feel warmer at some points so if you prefer a cooler climate then it might not be the destination for you. However, with the year-round average hovering around a balmy 25 degrees, most people would find it to be ideal. 

From January to March for the summer the climate can be humid and very tropical-feeling so if you prefer the dry season then it is better to wait until April. However, it is actually a fantastic time to visit the Great Barrier Reef bringing remarkable clarity to the water, and also suits the rainforest too. Through to September, this is the most popular time of year to visit and is warm without being overly hot or damp so if too much heat is something you avoid be sure to book in then.


Do you need to worry about crocodiles in Port Douglas?

If you are worried about crocodiles then good, you should be. That means that you are sensibly aware and will take the corresponding precautions to stay safe. There are saltwater crocodiles that frequent the salt waterways and inlets in the wilds around Port Douglas so it is best to avoid swimming there. Always pay attention to any signs and information around that tell you where to avoid and what not to do, like feed them or fish right by the side of the water. 

The good news is that they rarely move from their territory, so if you don’t bother them they shouldn’t bother you. Be careful where you swim and what you do, especially during the breeding season between September and April, and don’t mess with crocodiles no matter how small. 

Another worry can be stingers (jellyfish), which are prevalent in the water in the summer and can pose a real danger with some stings being fatal. Again the best thing to do is pay attention to signs, information, and local advice to help keep you safe. There are protective suits available to go and see the reef and special areas that you can swim in, so this shouldn’t stop you from having an amazing holiday.


Whenever you take the trip to Port Douglas, just remember to stay safe, do your research and enjoy all of the options available. Don’t let concerns about the heat or crocodiles put you off, there are precautions in place as long as you are sensible and know what you are doing. From relaxing and watching the sunset to adventure and unforgettable experiences in Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef, Port Douglas really is one of the most amazing places you can go and visit so take advantage and start booking your perfect trip today.


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