4 Tips How to Travel On a Budget


You ask everyone what they want to do the most, and “travel around the world” would definitely be part of the answers. But when you ask next question why they aren’t doing it, the automatic answer would be “money”.

Many people might think you have to have lots of money to travel to several destinations, but with the help of cheap air ticket search engine and accommodation alternative nowadays everybody can travel on a tight budget. I am not limitedly talking about a holiday to a single destination, instead I am talking about trips across a whole region or continent.

Personally I have met loads of budget travelers during my ongoing 4 years of travels. Lots of them don’t have fancy job title or plenty of money, and many of them even quit their job and started to travel.

Travelling doesn’t have to be expensive and pricey nowadays if you apply the right strategy. Here I have 4 tips you can use today if you are considering traveling with a tight budget.


planning  1. Plan Ahead

You already have a dream destination in mind for long? Don’t hesitate anymore, start planning your trip now! The longer you wait, the more expensive everything gets—flight tickets, hotel reservations. Let alone all the early birds deals you have already missed out. Planning ahead is a great way to start and save money. We all say “a good start is half done”. The hundreds of dollars saved on air-ticket can get you further at the trips. Another bonus is that planning ahead gives more flexibilities on time in case of change of plans and emergencies.


2. Travel Off-Peak

A good way to cut cost is to avoid travel at peak times like spring and summer breaks. The air fares and train tickets are usually cheaper at off-peak times, and off-peak times are seriously the right time to book a ticket across the continent. Not only will air-tickets be cheaper during off peak time, but also local fares like transportation and tour costs will possibly be cheaper than peak times.



3. Choose an Accommodation Alternative

A fancy swimming pool on a beach, a view over the ocean and a delicious and fresh local buffet of course would be nice, and why would not rather have them? But staying in a luxury hotel can add up hundreds of dollars depending on where your destination is. There are a lot other options including bed and breakfast, hostel and couch-surfing that can save you plenty of money, especially you stay for a longer time. If the timing is right, and you stay more than only a few weeks, you can seek apartments available for rent. Renting an apartment is a big money saver if you are looking for staying in one place for a month or more.


4. Avoid Dining Out

Why doesn’t want to dine out at a beachside restaurant every evening on holiday? It is a nice experience but a dinner at a beachside restaurant can cost up to hundreds of dollars. If you are on a tight budget, there are other ways for you to enjoy local food with low cost, and I bet the taste would not so much worse than a restaurant with a good view (sometimes it is even better, and you have much more food options). Night market is a great place to go for cheap meals and shopping and understand local culture better. Local farmer market is also a better place to get fresher and cheaper groceries and vegetables than supermarket.


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