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There are many forms of medicine practised across the globe that don’t always sit well with the attitudes of Western medical practitioners. However, their popularity cannot be disputed. Whilst there is an awful lot of conjecture regarding the proven benefits of various types of alternative medicine an enormous number of people across the globe would swear by them or at the very least not fully discount them. They differ greatly and claim to aid people in various ways but how much do you know about some of the most popular ones and what are people using them for? Perhaps you will want to consider some of them as either a form of alternative medicine or complementary to other more conventional’ forms you may be receiving.



The practise of yoga originated in India and has now become famous the world over. It incorporates minimal impact exercises, breathing and meditation and is seen as a very therapeutic form of medicine. It is claimed to aid with physical ailments such as back pain and reducing blood pressure. Beyond this, some people have stated that yoga has helped with anxiety, depression and insomnia. As with most alternative types of medicine, the evidence which backs up these claims can seem contradictory but the sheer relaxing nature of the past time will undoubtedly help you to escape the stresses of life and doing so can be a great boost to your general fitness and mental well-being.



This forms a part of yoga but it doesn’t have to be and can be performed completely separately. The concept of meditation is that the power of the mind can control the body and that the connection between the two is important to one’s mental and physical health. It has become much more mainstream in recent years and has seen a lot more interest within Western society. The consensus is that calming the mind and reducing one’s stress will have knock-on effects on the human body and it is sometimes recommended as a form of medicine in place of taking numerous tablets and prescription drugs.



This type of alternative medicine is based on the use of plant compounds and natural oils. These oils can take the form of massaging oils or they can be administered on one’s body or even inhaled. The science’ behind aromatherapy is that the inhalation of natural scents will calm the mind and through this, particularly when combined with a massage treatment, it can lead to an increased sense of relaxation. When aromatherapy is used by applying oils to the surface of the skin, it is claimed to stimulate the body’s thermal receptors which in turn destroys harmful bacteria and fungus.



The final alternative therapy we shall look at is acupuncture. When people think of it the immediate thing which comes to mind is lots of needles but the broader term can encompass more than just this such as cupping and acupressure. Acupuncture was originally believed to have come from China and has been around for over 200 years at least. It has seen its notoriety spread in the last few years and many celebrities have published their appreciation of it. Amongst the benefits which people say can be felt from acupuncture treatment are pain reduction, reduced blood pressure and even anti-ageing effects. Whilst some claim it to be no more than the placebo if you want to find out more regarding acupuncture therapies local practitioners such as those found at an Acupuncture clinic will be able to present further details to help you decide if what has become one of the most popular types of alternative medicine is the right choice for you.

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