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Easy ways to breathe fresh air into your Perth garden


In today’s high speed and chaotic business world many of us find ourselves in, it can be hard to even find a moment to enjoy the small things in life, like spending time with the family and catching up with our favorite pastimes. And certainly if you have a family or enjoy the outdoors then your garden is probably very important to you, however not even having the time to spend doing things that you want most of the time will make it practically impossible for most people to consider taking on a whole heap of work in the time that they do get off. After all, who wants to spend a potentially relaxed and fun Saturday mowing their lawn and tending to flowerbeds? Well maybe some, but most of us would steer well clear.

However, it’s important not only for the looks of your garden but also to its enjoy ability and suitability for your needs that you maintain the space, perhaps you have let it fall into disrepair or maybe you are just sick of its current layout and design and want to switch it up to something new and more exciting. Here are a few tips on how to do just that.

Planning your spaces

“Fail to plan and you plan to fail” as the old saying goes and we couldn’t agree more, especially when it comes to maintaining your garden. Effective garden design may look like a very organic and free flowing procedure but really, it’s all about precision in planning, timing, spacing and grouping of different objects and elements and failure to do so is the reason why a lot of people’s gardens who haven’t adequately prepared always seem slightly messy and unkempt. If that’s what you wanted then that’s great but if you are going for a more manicured look then it becomes more important.  Luckily, it’s not quite as hard as you may imagine strategizing exactly what you want to put where.

So make sure that you think about things like colors and what kind of plants will complement each other aesthetically, however you also need to think about the kinds of plant they are and how they will grow and compete with each other, you don’t want to go planting a flower with fast growing roots directly next to a bulb that has slower growing root systems as one will kill off the other and restrict its growth.

Perth Lawn management

Arguably this is one of the more time consuming and irritating jobs that we can find in our gardens, from maintaining the nutrient levels in the soil by quarterly fertilizing, a process which not only involves meticulous and precise mixing of the fertilizer compound, but it can potentially be hazardous to your health with the compounds themselves not being suitable for direct contact with your skin. Along with this you will also need to regularly trim and de-weed your lawn; this will keep the lawn looking great and healthy. However, there are better and more easily manageable ways to go about this process then just having a regular lawn, if you can consider it, there are many turf solutions out there to solve this very dilemma.

Available in both synthetic and natural varieties both of these solutions will eliminate a great chunk of the work required to both fertilize and maintain the look of the lawn ongoing.

Trim Your trees

If you have any trees in your Perth garden then the chances are that you either enjoy them or are indifferent to them. And let’s face it some people become very attached to certain plants in their gardens with many people claiming that trees seem to have unique personality and character. And while that may be up for debate it cannot be denied that most gardens are enhanced by the addition of a well-groomed and fitting tree. However, like anything else in your garden, they too require a certain amount of maintenance and care in order to keep them looking as majestic and healthy as possible.

The chances are that you will have to find a reliable and professional tree lopping in Perth to assist you with this as it often requires tools and climbing equipment, but it also requires expert knowledge on the anatomy of the tree as one false lop can lead to a potential infection site.

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