Health Benefits of Dancing


Dance is a fun exercise to do. If you are bored with running or cycling, try dance classes! Like other kinds of exercise, dancing gives a lot of benefits to your body both physically and mentally.

Some people are too shy to do it, so they avoid dancing. But c’mon you can do it! Here are the reasons you should start dancing now!

Calorie Burner

Dancing is an ‘aerobic’ form of exercise which uses carbohydrates and fat stored in your body as a fuel for dancing. That means that you will burn fat while also improving the heart and lungs at the same time. During dancing, the heart pumps faster which is good for your blood circulation. It also improves overall health and fitness.

In case you join dance classes that are high intensity or an interval dance (switching between slow-fast moves), you are also doing ‘anaerobic’ exercise. You will use energy directly from your muscles during an intense workout. It helps with building lean muscles and you can burn continuously for 48 hours after exercising.

aerobic exerciseMuscle Tone Up

Dancing makes your muscles work, especially in your lower body, as most dance moves require a lot of lower body movement. It affects your quads, hamstrings as well as your glutes. You also need balance in ballet and almost every other type of dance, so it uses core and back muscles. Your arms also move together with your legs, so your arms do work too!

Many dance classes are functional. They add weights or add squats into movements to increase the resistance so that your muscles will be able to have more of a workout.

Improve Posture

Bad posture can deteriorate your health such as causing a crooked spine, rounded shoulders and damage to the neck, shoulders and back. This can be caused by working on the computer for a long time. It can also have a benefit to mental health.

Dancing can improve your posture as it requires balance and confidence. You cannot dance beautifully when hunched back, so you will strengthen your back automatically in order to make a better move.

If you are someone who is suffering from bad posture, try dance classes to improve your overall body both physically and emotionally.

happy dancingHappy Dancing

Your endorphins will be released during dancing and this causes you to be happy! The great benefit of doing exercise is you will feel amazing after doing it. It is like a kind of reward after sweating. It washes away the stress and will make you feel good every time after doing it.

Joining dance classes is entertaining. You can meet new people who also love to dance in a dance class! It is an opportunity to make new friends who can support you and help you to improve at dancing. Or you can even join up together for other exercises in the gym.




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