5 Ways in Which Flowers Can Save Your Relationship


There’s a terrible stigma surrounding gifting flowers, in that the person doing the giving must have done something regretful in order to warrant buying flowers. And for the most part there has been much evidence to back that up, because many people will fall back on flowers as some kind of ‘get out of jail free card’ – However, when done correctly and with the right sentiment at heart, gifting flowers can genuinely work wonders for your relationship – here’s how:

1 – A Tailored Gift for Any Occasion

Don’t wait for an argument to buy flowers for your partner, nor should you just pick up any old bunch which is on offer. If you truly want to show someone how much you care about them, go out of your way to find the perfect colours and the appropriate species to demonstrate your love. Buying the right colour shows that you listen and that you understand what they favour in this world.

2 – Because Why Not

It’s a Saturday morning, you’ve had a heavy night celebrating and your partner is out for the count in bed. Get up, go and fetch some breakfast and buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers to go with it because…. why not? It’s little gestures like these which cost very little, that goes a long way towards demonstrating that you care deeply about them.

3 – You Care Only About What They Think

Many men are too afraid to be seen walking down the street with a bunch of flowers because they’re worried about what other men think about them. Who does one earth care? The online opinion that you should be worried about is that of your partners, so go out there and buy her favourite flowers and stroll back home with pride – then watch her melt before you as she receives this wonderful and unexpected gesture of love and kindness.

4 – Think Outside the Box

Gifting any old bunch of flowers is easy, though thinking outside the box and finding a creative way to deliver them is the way to show that you really care. There are many things that you can do, from the traditional pathway of roses to the bedroom, a new selection of hanging baskets in the garden with a picnic, or simply a beautiful little flower box which has been tailored specifically to her individual taste.

5 – Heart on Your Sleeve

Is there any greater reason to buy your lover flowers than simply wanting to? Just do it! Wear your heart on your sleeve and show them how much you care about them, without fear of anyone else thinking any less of you. Show them that they are your world, by going out of your way to finding the perfect selection for them. It is this level of honesty which is the key to maintaining a healthy relationship. Wear your heart on your sleeve with pride and reap the rewards as you see her smile beam from ear to ear!

Albert Roberts

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