A Construction Resume Written by Professionals for Professionals 


A common misconception is that those who struggle with reading, writing or maths, for example, are not intelligent. This is something that many people have to combat whilst growing up, during their experience at school. People are made to feel undervalued because they cannot keep up with other people, and yet their strength lies in other areas. There are in fact, 9 different types of intelligence:

  • Naturalist
  • Musical
  • Logical-mathematical
  • Existential
  • Bodily-kinesthetic
  • Linguistic
  • Intra-personal
  • Spatial

So, for example, a professional resume writer is going to have excellent linguistic intelligence. That being said when it comes to their bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, they might not be so strong. I can’t hang a shelf, but I could write a perfectly worded anecdote about doing so.

One of the most infuriating things that can happen as an experienced and talented individual, is not being able to secure a job that you know you would be exceptional at. This frustration can be amplified by the fact that you’re unable to secure a job (for which you’re perfectly qualified), because the spelling, grammar and structure of your resume is not up to par.

We appreciate the frustration, especially if you are an individual who has always struggled with your writing. You’re not going to write about building a house, you’re going to use the skills that you have worked hard to obtain to build one instead. That being said, you must respect the fact that having a quality resume is an important part of the recruitment process. Of course, your prospective employer does not expect you to be an exceptional writer, however they are looking for those who are organised and prepared.

A construction resume written by professionals is going to significantly increase your chances of securing that dream job. While your strengths may not lie in writing, a professional will be able to help successfully highlight the relevant strengths that you possess. They will be able to structure your resume accordingly, trim it down and cut out any irrelevant information and ensure that when it comes to the next job application, your prospective employer won’t cast it aside.


With a quality resume, you will have a much higher chance of getting to the interview stages. Once you’re there it’s entirely up to you! You can demonstrate your passion and likability and have the opportunity to feel as though you’ve had a fair shot at going for that dream job. No longer should you feel frustrated about not being taken seriously. If you have the talent and the experience, then couple that with a professionally written construction resume and prove it!

Albert Roberts

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