How to Create the Perfect Caravan Extension When Camping


Camping in a caravan is certainly a step up from sleeping in a tent (though that doesn’t negate the fact that camping in a tent is awesome fun!). But are their ways of improving the experience? Sure, you get to sleep in a proper bed, to use a real shower and toilet, and you can enjoy breakfast from a convenient mobile kitchen. However, when it comes to spending time outside, you’re very limited to what you can do.

Perhaps you’ve got a few foldout chairs that you can place outside your caravan. That’s all well and good, but what if it starts to rain? Or perhaps the sun is a little too strong to sit out in all day and you need some cover? Well, then you’ll need a convenient outdoor area that can easily be set up and removed for when you leave.


Setting up your caravan extension or “porch” area

There are several ways that you can go about this. However, the best thing to do is to invest in some recycled caravan matting. There’s your starting point. This can be laid down on the grass/sand/dirt just outside the entrance to your caravan. So, should you be picking up any dirt, or wet, muddy boots from the rain; then you’ll have a convenient place to stop and kick your dirty shoes off, rather than bring them into the caravan. Additionally, this creates a great spot for you to put up a marquee or an awning.

Some caravans will come fitted with an awning of their own. This means that you can simply pull it out over the recycled caravan matting, and you’ve got yourself a lovely extension area to enjoy a bit of shade, whilst soaking up the view. However, if you want something with a little more privacy, you can invest in an awning that serves as more of a tent extension. This means that you can enjoy an enclosed area, free from the wind, rain, and prying eyes.

A reputable company can offer you all of the mats and floor coverings that you’ll need to set up the perfect caravan extension area. In fact, throwing more camping mats into the mix is a great way of creating an additional comfortable area. Some evenings, you might even decide that you’d rather sleep out under the awning and watch the stars!

camping carWill my caravan matting kill the grass underneath?

The short answer is no. Yes, it will discolour, however, the caravan matting has breathable holes so that the grass doesn’t suffocate underneath. Once the mat is removed and you move on, the grass will simply return. This also means that if placed on sand, the sand will start to fall through. It’s an easy enough situation to rectify if you bring a broom and simply sweep it clean every now and again.

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