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Common alterations people make to their trailers

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Whether you are feeling like you need more space in your day to day life when you are about your travels, to whether you have a specific removals job to perform, or even if you are planning on moving home over a significant distance and need a way to improve the amount of space available to you for all of your possessions. Chances are that you will consider using a trailer to help you with these haulage needs. After all, it’s basically like turning your regular old SUV into some kind of articulated lorry with all of the space and storage advantages that come with having a large extended space at the back of your vehicle. 

However, not all trailers come with exactly the kind of features or additions that you want on them and you may have to resort to using your imagination and spending a bit of time, money and effort on making and installing these modifications yourself. The great thing about using a trailer is that they are not amazingly expensive in the scheme of things and they offer you a wide range of different options and possibilities when it comes to getting you trailer perfect for your requirements. So let’s take a look at some of the more common alterations people make to their trailers. 



 Whether you need to get a single bike, car, or several other large, wheeled objects onto the car, or are even transporting a heavy object onto the back of your trailer using a dolly or board of some kind, having some aluminum trailer ramps installed into the back of your trailer is not only an extremely useful and versatile modification to make, it’s also fairly easy to do, as it requires merely the installation of a few hinges and a small amount of spot welding and you have yourself slide away and convenient ramps for many different haulage needs. After all, even if the object isn’t heavy, the ease of having a sloped point of contact to help you heave items onto the trailer is a real bonus. 

They come in various different shapes and sizes and can be made to varying different strengths. It’s important that you work out what you will be most using them for and how much their maximum load on a day to day basis will be, failure to do this could result in the ramp breaking and buckling under a heavy load and potentially causing damage to your car and injury to anybody who happens to be nearby. So if you are moving vehicles or other kinds of heavy object that will be transported up and down these ramps make sure that they are capable of bearing such a strain. 

Storage area  


For some people, the mere prospect of having a trailer on the back of their chair isn’t enough and some people really go the whole hog and take advantage of the extra space by creating an entire fully functional storage area on the back of their car. This can be for a variety of reason, for example this particular modification is popular with construction workers and tradies who need to not only transport large amounts of tools and materials at once, but they also need it all organized in a practical way to make it as easy as possible to finds a particular item in amongst the sea of other equipment the average tradesman has laying around. 

tractor and trailer

Tractor trailer loaded with seedlings. Crates seedlings

The actual design and style that you end up going for however is completely down to you and it all really depends on the amount of things that you want to transport and how large they are, mixed with how much space you want to dedicate to different storage units. There has been a recent renaissance in small living and so-called “smart spaces” and the variety and style of these different storage options will surprise you and there is definitely one to suit every kind of trailer space you may be trying to create. Some people have even gone so far as to make small fishing huts on these trailers in order to shelter from the weather if it happens to turn bad and watch their rods from afar with the use of bait alarms. Some of them even have electricity in the back to power lights and small electrical appliances like a kettle and small radiator heater. 

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