Planning a Big Clearout in Your Home? Hire a Small Skip Bin

Has your house become increasingly cluttered with rubbish, old things that you no longer need and other general waste from some DIY that you’ve had going on recently? Then perhaps it’s time that you had a massive clear out in your home.

There’s nothing worse than living in a cluttered environment, particularly when its all useless junk that could be passed along and recycled into something worthwhile. So, in this post we’re going to explore why skip bin hire will afford you the perfect solution to your waste problems.

binSmall Skips

Small skips are the ideal size for any sort of clearout in the home as they’re not too large, though big enough to remove a large amount of general waste from small-time renovations, spring cleans and general home de-cluttering. You can have a small skip placed on your driveway without causing too much of an obstruction as well.

Time Saver

Most people when thinking about doing a clearout in their home will assume that they can handle the waste in one or two trips to the tip and then soon realise that they’ve got much more rubbish than they first anticipated. Then you end up making a mess of your car, wasting a small fortune in petrol and invariably end up growing tired and impatient. A small skip on the other hand, will allow you to simply walk out the front door and throw your waste in the skip, ready for it to be taken away and disposed of safely and appropriately by the skip bin hire company.

Better Planning

Without a skip its very hard to work out how much your waste disposal will end up costing you once you’ve been back and forth from the tip. When hiring a skip bin, you will have a fixed price from the get go and you’ll be able to plan and budget accordingly from there. Simply put, hiring a small skip bin is going to make your life infinitely easier throughout the clearout and minor renovation process.

Be Realistic

How much waste do you think you’re going to have? The reason we ask that is because you’d be surprised by how many people get it wrong, and then invariably end up with vast amounts of waste. Another thing to remember is that you’re not allowed to ‘over-fill’ your skip, as otherwise your skip bin hire company will be unable to legally remove it and take it onto the roads. This means that you should be realistic about how much waste to expect, and potentially go a size bigger just to be on the safe side. After all, it’s better to have the space and not need it, then to need the space and not have it.

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