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4 Way to Maintain the Value of Your Car

Every car owner should put effort into maintaining a car just like they protect the value of their property and other forms of investment. Cars don’t lose value overnight unless it undergoes a major accident, in contrast, cars lose its value gradually on all the daily activities that perform in it. Lots of car owner tempt to avoid to put time and effort into check-up and the cost of regular maintenance, and this can lead to hassles and frustration when it comes time to sell a car because the car has not been taken good care of and it has lost its value that it should have been kept.

Value of a car can be maintained, and it would not fluctuate much if it has been looked well after even after years you own it.

Here are 4 things you can take today to maintain the best value of your car.


 garage1. Store Your Car Properly

If you have a garage, don’t use it for a basement storage room but use it as a car park, especially when you are not going to use your car for a month or 2. A car parked outdoor can be damaged by extreme weather like cold, heat, strong direct sunshine, hail, driving rain, and snowstorms, as well as the debris falling from trees. The paint of the car can become dull after being left outdoor for too long, therefore leads to value decreased. A car parked undercover is protected from outside elements that might impair the paint. You can start to maintain value of your car today by parking it in a garage.


2. Get Your Oil Changed Regularly

Lots of car owners are usually too lazy to take their car to get oil changed, and tempt to avoid the costs. It can prevent major engine problem by spending $30-$50 on an oil change. Not only is it cost effective but also a simple step to take to maintain your car.


3. Get That Paint Protected

Paint Protect Car

You should not mind the extra cost on car paint protection. It can protect the surface of a car but also the color of a car, and the paint can last longer, looking nice and bright. The first thing everybody notices when they see your car is the paint job, and you will leave a better first impression. If the paint on your car is worn out, your potential buyer might not look further therefore your selling market decreases when it comes to sell a car.


4. Don’t Smoke In Your Car

There are only 22% of the adult population smoking around the globe, and imagine this, if you smoke in your car a lot, most people from the rest 78% of non-smokers will not want a car full of cigarette smell, let alone there is a harmful effect on human health. Moreover, cigarette smoke can cause interior surface to fade and dull. Both cigarette impact on cars can cut potential market and decrease the value when it comes to sell a car.